Helpful Shell Scripting Links

This was written quite awhile ago, and I'm not sure what is still relevant. On occasion, I get an email suggesting an addition, which I add when I have time. But this is *really* outdated.

Well folks, here are the pages that I'm finding helpful. Those of you who are more advanced might have other good links--if so, please send an email to scottro11[at] and I'll put them on the page. So, in no particular order

Linuxcommand's shell script tutorial

A nice introduction, including functions.

Linux Shell Scripting Tutorial by Vivek G. Gite
I don't think that English is Mr. Gite's first language, but don't be put off by the spelling mistakes--I've found this tutorial extremely helpful.

Daniel Robbins Tutorials.
It also has a part 2 and part 3

The unixtoolbox page on shell scripting.. The whole unixtoolbox site is an excellent resource.

The Gnu page bash FAQ
Nothing makes you feel more silly than trying to figure out how to do something and finding it's covered in the faq. :) (Errr, of course it's never happened to me, but uh, uh, happened to a friend of mine.) :)

Linux command reference
More reference than shell scripting, it can still be useful.

The Linux documentation project has a few guides as well.
While it's probably politically incorrect to say so, I find most of the LDP's guides are pretty poor, and these aren't really an exception. In other words, go to these guides as a last resort.
The Bash Programming Introduction howto
A howto, sometimes lacking in detail for the beginner.'s Bash Beginners Guide
An effort to fill the gap between the Programming intro howto and the advanced guide
Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide
This one is somewhat heavy going at first, but still useful, even to the beginner. For me, at least, I found that before learning various things, I could still go through it and pick up little pointers. On the other hand, I see many people recommend it to the beginner, which I feel is a mistake. It tends to give a command with little or no explanation as to why. The people who recommend seem to be those who are already excellent shell scripters.

The Linux Documentation Project seems to change urls from time to time, so if those links don't work, go to and go to their guides section for the guides and howto index for the howto. (Hopefully, the reader figured that out.) The man page is online here.

There is also the Gnu online Bash reference manual