This little script gives you a simple menu, allowing you to choose between KDE and Gnome. I've included a choice, commented out, for Fluxbox as well, so that you can see how to add another window manager if you so desire. It's fairly self-explanatory, but please look at the README before asking questions. I will also cover the main points here.

First download it here
I call it winmanx--you can rename it to anything you like. Once downloaded (in Linux--it's a tar.gz so you can't open it in Windows) decompress it. tar -zxvf winmanx.tar.gz You'll see two files--one called winmanx and one called README. Look at the README

cat README | less

It should answer most of your questions. At any rate, copy the script somewhere in each users' path. This will have to be done as root.

cp winmanx /usr/bin/winmanx

Make it executable

chmod 755 /usr/bin/winmanx

It's meant to be used from text mode--it won't work from graphical mode. Instructions on booting up in text mode can be found in the linux faq and are also covered in the README.

So, at a console, just type


You'll be given your choice of KDE or Gnome

Thanks for using my script and I hope you find it useful